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1995 Porsche Carrera

Our 1995 Porsche Carrera was our first big project as a shop. We were tasked with removing the damaged 3.6L flat 6 and turning it into a 4.0L monster. We sent the block out to be bored and stroked, and we reassembled it with various different performance parts to get as much power out of it as we could. We are still waiting to get it professionally tuned, so we are unsure of the exact numbers it makes.
After we finished the initial build on the Porsche, we took a road trip to Ocean City, Maryland for H2Oi, which was a popular weekend for car enthusiasts to get together and cruise down the strip. 


3.6L Bored/Stroked to a 4.0L
Web-Cam Super Sport Camshafts
Carillo X-Forge Pistons
Pauter Rods
80.4mm Crankshaft
993 Twin Turbo Head Studs
Auto Associate GT3 Cup Bearings
Kraftwerks Performance Billet Valve Covers

KEP Aluminum Pressure Plate & Disc
Lightweight Flywheel

Pagid Orange Front Brake Pads

Bilstein Coilovers
Momo Steering Wheel

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